How To Keep Your Home Safe While You’re On Vacation

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Coming back home after a long vacation trip can feel miserable, but returning home only to find that someone has broken into your house after a vacation can be so much worse.

We’re not trying to make you feel scared or paranoid about leaving the house ever again, but everyone should take preventive measures before leaving their home for a period of time. By taking these precautions, you won’t need to claim from your home insurance and enjoy your vacation with peace of mind.

Here are some tips on how to keep your home safe while you’re away:

Ask for help

The easiest way to ensure your home is safe from break-ins is to ask a neighbour you trust to look after your home. They’re the closest people to your home and they’re also usually the fastest to react whenever something happens to it.

You can also ask them to look after your plants, your pets or even rake the leaves while you’re gone. Just be sure that you have a good relationship with them before asking them for favours. If you are not close to your neighbours, ask a friend or a family member for help.

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Install timers on your electronics

Should you leave your lights on or keep them turned off while you’re away? Both ways can arouse suspicion if you leave them that way for too long, so the best method is to purchase timers and install them on your electronic devices.

Install them in a way that it turns on during the day and turn off when it gets dark. It should be the opposite for lights. Turning on and off your devices will make your house look like there is someone flipping them on and off in your house, deterring potential robbers.

Stop the mail and newspaper delivery

An obvious sign that nobody’s home is the sight of days worth of mail and newspapers piling up at your front porch.

To counter this problem, ask your neighbour or friend to pick them up and put them away while you’re gone. You can also ask the deliveryman to stop all mail and newspapers from coming in.

Don’t post on social media.. yet

It may be tempting to post your vacation pictures online, but don’t do it while you’re still on your holiday trip. Posting pictures of yourself on a beach publicly tell people that you’re not at home, and it will take at least a few days before you get back home.

Share your photos only when you’re back home. Or you can make your profile private and share to your trusted followers.


If you’re about to go on a vacation trip, take the time to do the tips mentioned above because it can increase the safety of your home. Don’t take the risk and leave your house in the hands of robbers.

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