How the Shaves2U Trial Kit Made My Life Simpler

shaves2u review

Before I signed up for the Shaves2U subscription plan, shaving felt like a chore to me. I had to make my way to the nearest store after work to buy shaving supplies. It usually isn’t a problem, but sometimes all I want to do after a tough day at the job is to get home as quickly as possible.

It was one of my first world problems until I bumped into some Shaves2U salespeople near my work area, promoting their products. After hearing what they had to say about the product, I was sold. I subscribed to the Shaves2U shave plan and here are some positive changes to my life I noticed:

Everything is done online

Shaves2U stands out from other shaving brands because they don’t have a physical store. You can’t find their products on shelves at pharmacies. You can only reach to them online at their website, where you sign up for an account and place your order.

shaves2u review

They deliver straight to your home

After placing your order and waiting for about a week, you can expect your package to arrive. This means you’ll never have to make your way to a store to buy your supplies. Thanks to Shaves2U, I can get my shaving supplies without ever leaving the house!

My shaving experiences became better

The products of Shaves2U are high-quality. Their razors are sharp and the shaving cream leaves a refreshing feeling after your shaving routine. After getting Shaves2U, shaving no longer feels like a chore to me as I’m enjoying it now.


My life is a little better after getting Shaves2U. I never knew how a small difference can make such a big difference in my quality of life. I’m glad I found it and I hope my experiences will be a guide for someone that might consider subscribing to Shaves2U.