Why You Should Hire Laid Off Employees

Laid off employees are the result of a restructuring or downsizing company. They could also come from a company that ran out of business. In some cases, the lay off are temporary.

Recruiters often seek candidates that are currently working for people, as it shows that they’re valuable and is in demand at their current company. Meanwhile, laid off employees are ignored because the presently-employed candidate seems more vital.

However, we’re here to tell you that they have their advantages. Here’s why you should hire laid-off employees on Jobstreet Singapore:

They’re ready to go anytime

Unlike currently employed workers, laid-off employees have no obligations to a company. They are not in the middle of a crucial project and don’t need to provide a two-week notice. In fact, currently employed workers may stay longer at their company for financial incentives and bonuses. A laid-off employee isn’t tied to anyone or anything and can work for you immediately.

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They’re looking for a better opportunity

In the case where a company was in turmoil, causing the displacements of staff, they might actually feel glad and ready to partner with a better organization. Now, these employees are looking forward to better work culture and if you can provide them with what they want, recruiting them will be easy.

They’re eager

Satisfied or hired employees are most likely content with their current position so they’re less likely to show interest in your offer. On the other hand, laid-off employees whose career are suddenly disrupted will be more enthusiastic to get their career up and running again. Your chance of filling a vacancy is higher with this type of candidate.

They’re talent waiting to be developed

There are some scenarios where candidates are laid-off because of the last-in, first-out formula, which means they’re only the first to let go because they were the last one hired. This scenario could mean that their skills aren’t fully developed and you could be the one to build their career.


As a hiring manager, you shouldn’t limit your choices when it comes to hiring. There are more advantages to hiring laid-off employees more than you think.

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