5 Tips to Buy the Perfect Car (Follow the Budget and Needs)

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When it comes time to buy a new car, among the criteria most often given the buyer’s preference is the price and performance. In Malaysia, there is another important criterion, including the resale value or the market price.

So, what is the perfect car to buy?

In fact, there is not a perfect car though you’re a tycoon who needs to spend millions of ringgit to buy a car. In contrast, ordinary people should always be concerned about every ringgit spent. The rich man does not care much about the ringgit money that is being smashed even if it is backward, the ordinary car is actually the most reliable vehicle.

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We will help you choose the right and perfect car with your lifestyle and needs.

Self status

Are you single and do not plan to get married in the near future? Are you a new couple married? Are you a couple with two small children, or a large family with 4-5 children? All answers to the questions will determine the type of vehicle you should buy.

The average car ownership among Malaysians is 1-2 units, and usually the car purchased is according to self and family needs. For small families, a subcompact and compact car is enough to provide comfort. If you are single, there may be no problem trying to have a two-door car.


Do you always go on a vacation every weekend, or drive daily to work? Does the task have to face dirty and muddy streets? The answers to the questions above will reduce the scope of the vehicle’s sedan types, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs), hatchbacks, sports cars, 4×4 or 4wd Malaysia.

If you need to drive daily to work somewhere far away, the car with high fuel savings is worth buying. Perhaps also hybrid models may be optional. If your work is rugged and extreme, you need to get a 4×4 or four-wheel drive (4WD) vehicle. If the same car wants to be a family car, you may need an SUV with all-wheel drive (AWD) features that can give you more comfort to your family.

If you are just a picnic or holiday car (usually a second car), you can choose a MPV or SUV with passenger and cargo space. Can also be ready with roof cargo boxes for extra storage.


This is the most critical and most important factor. Some buyers immediately ignore the two criteria above after facing financial constraints. In fact, the solution is still there if you open your heart to buy used cars. This will indirectly give you more choices of cars.

Buying a used car is always a risk, but you can minimize the risk by following the tips we’ve been sharing HERE. Better buying a used car that meets your requirements and status criteria rather than having a new car that is less practical. For example, buy a small sedan or hatchback to bring 5 adults. The pity of the hindrance has touched.

Security Features

Security should also be taken into consideration and preferably select models that offer the best security features according to your budget. Most standard models today have been equipped with air bag features, Anti-Lock Brake System (ABS), and Electronic Stability Control (ESC). More airbags, better. Similarly, other additional security features.

See also the security rating that a model achieves. Some brands get low ratings despite standard safety features. Take time to study and observe.


The basic principle, the longer the warranty is better. But do not forget to check the terms stated. There is a requirement to be followed so that the warranty remains valid, such as the car needs to be maintained at the official service center and there is a certain timeframe to be complied with so users do not want to miss the service period.

Some manufacturers, distributors or service centres offer advanced warranty. It does not go wrong if you understand the terms and conditions provided. Do not forget to keep documents, receipts or certificates relevant as references and proof.


In summary, just check with yourself these 5 things before you proceed to purchase a car. Don’t just follow your heart but be considerate to yourself or else you will regret in the future.